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Pet Cremation Services in Southeast Michigan

As animal lovers, we understand the pain pet parents feel after the loss of their cherished pet. Having them cremated is a great option because you can bring their ashes if you’re moving to another home. In this way, it will help keep the memories of your pet alive and close to you. If you’re looking for pet cremation services in Southeast Michigan, count on Country Kennel Pet Care Center. Our compassionate team can also give you the comfort you need during this difficult time.

Individual and communal cremations for all types of pets are available. If your deceased pet came from the vet clinic, we could provide transportation to our cremation facility. You may choose from our large selection of pet urnsin stock. We have a pet cemetery, but unfortunately, we don’t have any more space for other pets. For those who prefer a burial, you can purchase our pet burial containers and pet caskets. Please get in touch with us for our cremation fees and more information about the process. We will be with you every step of the way.